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Verena MacDonald


Mindset for Motherhood Coaching

Meet Verena, approachable extrovert, hot drink lover and keen learner. On a personal mission to empower and encourage women to live their most fulfilled life, ignoring the ‘shoulds’ and standardised advice; honouring their uniqueness, desires and dreams! Nothing is ‘too’ (insert your word here!!) and you don’t need ‘more’ (insert your other word here!).

Mum of two small people and one blonde woof, Verena entered the motherhood journey with a
surprise pregnancy. She was introduced to different methods of birth and focused her time on learning
and expanding her knowledge beyond the subjective, horror stories of birth to support her in having
the most empowered, connected birth possible.

What she learned not only facilitated a deeply connected, calm and in control birth but influences her
on a daily basis in all areas of life! The key to all of this?


In her ‘day job’ as a business consultant, Verena’s business supports and guides ambitious women
with big, impactful business goals and visions to lead impact driven businesses without sacrifice. A
HUGE part of this is mindset.

When we (Verena and Gemma ) connected, we recognised that there is a missing piece in the pre and postnatal world, specifically in preparing for motherhood as a whole, beyond birth and the 'how to's' of raising a child.

Verena is joining RMB with her first-hand experiences and expansive mindset knowledge to support
women and their partners on their journey of motherhood as a whole.

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