Pelvic Floor and Core Short Course

Pelvic Floor and Core Short Course

A 5 week programme to completely strengthen your body.


Using a programme called Hypopressives, you will learn the technique to allow your body to work as one unit. Minimising stress on the body, you will be working the fascia and bonds within the body to allow the body to function as it should.


Years of stress, babies, working out can cause the body to weaken over time and perhaps leading to prolapses and hernias. Hypopressive is a conditioning programme which will strengthen the body and allow it to deal with intra abdominal stress more effectively.


This programme is AMAZING for :-

Postnatal women ( please wait at least 6 weeks postnatally)

Pelvic floor weakness

Diastis recti/ tummy seperation

Women who exercise regulary

Women who run

Cross fitters

Women who are experiancing the ops moment.





If you just want to look after your body!!!!

There are 5 videos which will teach you the technique, the flow of movements AND


BONUS footage

Postnatal Yoga 


These video can be played as many times as you like and you can work through as quick or as slow as needed.


When you purchase the course you also have access to a HIGHLY discounted 1-1 with me online to discuss or practice. £15 Normaly RRP £40!!!

    £60.00 Regular Price
    £48.00Sale Price

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