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Hi! My names Pip, i live in Shaftesbury with my partner Monty and our 5 month old daughter Isabella, I’m currently embracing being a new mum, personal trainer and soon to be Baby yoga/massage teacher and Pregnancy Yoga instructor. 


My fitness journey started in 2012 when I found a love for running. To help supplement marathon training and improve my strength and balance I started yoga which turned into a passion that has been a huge part of her life ever since. 


For Me, Yoga provides the relaxation needed to deal with everyday busy mum life, it really helps support my mental health , massively supported the whole way through my pregnancy and baby massage/yoga has really played a part in bonding as a family, we always assume it has to be mum but actually dads can get involved to! 


Im a qualified Level 3 personal trainer and join the team bringing a unique sporting background as a keen runner, crossfitter and yoga enthusiast! I can’t wait to share my passion for yoga and really help build the bond between you and your baby through the elements of touch, trust and communication.


When not training you will find Me taking long walks with my 5 month old daughter Izzy, down my allotment or enjoying a coffee and catch up with other mums, Im so excited to join RMB Yoga as part of the team and can't wait to help you and your little ones fall in love with yoga as much as I have.

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