My name is Gemma, I am a first-time mum to Jasper and fiance to Stuart. 

I have always enjoyed learning about holistic therapies and the alternative approach studying massage, Indian head and reflexology.

Yoga has always been a part of my life, practising before secondary school and choosing to teach my peers Yoga because I didn't want to take part in a Gymnastics class during P.E !!  If i was to speak to my teachers nowadays they probably wouldn't be surprised the career route I've taken! 

I lost my way as I grew as a "grown up" and it was only after having my own baby I re-discovered my path and trained to be a Yoga teacher along with pregnancy and postnatal.  

Yoga has allowed me to fine tune my life, put everything into perspective, be my "go to" when things are tough. 

Yoga is a journey forever changing within your life. 

I am a normal every day woman, curvy, loving life and still trying to achieve a handstand!  Yoga is for EVERYONE, what ever age shape or size!! 


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