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Hey There

Re wild your heart body and soul beginning with your roots, allow me to untangle to craziness within your mind. 


Gemma, mother, wife, sister, daughter, but who am I?

Well, this has been the journey, working out who the hell I am....
And I mean actually WHO am I?

Not who I want to be, not who I feel like I should be, not comparing... But working out who I am..

Its been low... Its been raw... Its been the hardest time of my life... And I'm not there yet... But this is me...

Im being honest with myself, with others, changed direction, and beginning to know who the fu*k I am.


So Hi, welcome to Wild Roots Wellbeing 

This is me offering true authentic offerings from my heart, things that feel me with joy, passion and ignite my being and hopefully yours.

Wild women, Life coaching, Yoga

As a coach, I provide a strong and supportive environment to help you identify and prioritise your goals. Through my coaching, I help you to know yourself better and to develop the skills and confidence to reach your goals. With my guidance, you can create a life that is meaningful and fulfilling.





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